Each year, over 49,000 Americans die by suicide, with 2022 reaching upwards of 49,449. That’s one death approximately every 11 minutes.


Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for people ages 10-34.


Suicide rates increased approximately 36% between 2000–2021.


The suicide rate for youth ages 10-24 increased over 57% from 2007 to 2018.


Adults over the age of 45 made up 16.8% of the 2021 population… but 20% of the suicides.

High-Risk Groups

  • Men take their own lives at nearly 4 times the rate of women. Men often struggle silently due to stigma, but there are three female attempts for each male attempt.
  • Middle-aged adults have the highest suicide rate nationally. Financial stress and untreated mental health issues play a role.
  • LGBTQ youth seriously contemplate suicide at almost 3 times the rate of heterosexual youth due to rejection and discrimination.
  • Over 1 million adults attempt suicide each year. Many have multiple attempts but lack follow-up care. The number of people who have seriously thought about suicide surpasses 12 million.

Method & Impact

  • In 2021, firearms accounted for over half of suicide deaths. Access to lethal means is a significant risk factor for suicide and suicide attempts.
  • For each death by suicide, there are approximately 25-30 previous attempts.
  • Suicide costs the United States over $69 billion annually in lifetime medical and work-loss costs.
  • Evidence shows that prevention resources reduce suicide rates and save lives. Each $1 spent saves $2.50 in costs.

Important Warning Signs & Risk Factors

It's vital to know the warning signs and risk factors that could indicate that someone may be considering suicide.

Warning Signs

Risk Factors

The Takeaway

With education, advocacy, and community support, we can prevent suicide and save lives. The Half a Sorrow Foundation provides critical resources through speaking engagements, training programs, and advocacy initiatives. By working together, we can foster hope and end stigma.

Suicide prevention starts with you.

If these statistics open your eyes to the tragic realities of suicide, take the first step by contacting Half a Sorrow. Our founder, Dennis Gillan, turned his own loss into purpose by empowering individuals, organizations, and communities through compassionate outreach and life-saving education.

We offer speaking engagements, training programs, and resources tailored to your needs. Dennis' story of perseverance spreads hope and helps end stigma so fewer have to suffer alone.

Reach out today to learn more about how we can make a difference. By working together, we have the power to create meaningful change in the suicide epidemic. Hope starts here.